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The Ashland Police Department re-implemented the department’s K-9 program and acquired a two-year old German Shepherd named “Dax”.

K-9 “Dax” and his handler, Officer Chris Alberini, began training this week with Ken Balinger of the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department.  The team will become trained and certified in drug detection, tracking for missing/lost people and children, suspects in crimes, as well as building searches and handler protection. 

K-9 “Dax”, whose price tag was nearly $7,000, was graciously donated to the Town of Ashland  by the Ashland Police Association, who understands and appreciates the importance of having such a highly specialized resource at the department’s disposal.   K-9 “Dax” was purchased from Connecticut Canine Services, in Bethany, CT.   The revitalization of the K-9 program was done so with no additional burden of funding to the Ashland citizens.  All costs associated with the program have been donated by various sources including the Union and members of the department and the community.  Ashland Animal Hospital has offered to provide vetenarian services at no cost.  

Over the years, the Ashland Police Department has run successful K-9 programs, most recently utilizing K-9 “Kato.” Under the department’s former leadership, K-9 “Kato” was transferred to the Rhode Island State Police after his handler left the Police Department in 2005. K-9 “Kato” still enjoys a very successful career there today. 

“The Ashland Police Department and its members are one-hundred percent committed to maintaining a safe community in which to live, work and raise children.  K-9 ‘Dax” will prove to be a very valuable tool in our arsenal for combating drugs and crime,” says Chief of Police Scott Rohmer.   “We are serious about deterring crime and drug dealing in our community. This message is clear: If you commit crime or sell drugs in Ashland, you will be caught.”