Fast Facts

Did You Know?
  • When driving a motor vehicle you must have a valid driver's license and registration in your possession. Without these you could be issued a citation.
  • It is the driver's (not the owner's) responsibility to make sure all of the lights and safety equipment are functioning.
  • As the driver, it is your responsibility to ensure that children are wearing their seat belts or in their child safety seats.
  • You must signal your intent to pass or turn before performing the action.
  • Following too closely to the vehicle in front of your vehicle is a moving violation. You should be at least 3 car lengths away.
  • Children under 12 and pets are prohibited from riding in the rear of open pick-up trucks.
  • Thickly settled zones have a 30 mile per hour speed limit.
  • You are required to stop for a solid yellow light when safe to do so.